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We’re in the business of helping companies make smarter hiring decisions. Not all background check companies should be treated equally. Having been in this industry for several decades, we have seen how opportunists step in, and out of the industry, to make a quick buck on a service that is often mandatory for companies to participate in. We approach the industry in a much more passionate way. We take pride in what we do, and we aim to use this blog to help others understand why background screening is so important. 

No matter what industry your business is in, employees are the lifeblood of any organization. The people who work for your company make or break a business, and making the right hiring decision can be challenging! The wrong hire can cost you significant headaches. 

Today on the blog, we wanted to talk about Employment Verification, an often overlooked and undervalued aspect of background screening. Here are 3 reasons why employment verification is vital to any hiring decision-making process.

Maintain FCRA Compliance

In order to perform any background checks, an employer must have a job candidate’s permission. This is based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (FCRA). An employer must make sure the entire process complies, but know that the FCRA doesn’t require that the candidate is 100% honest on their application.

Background checks and employment verification require specific steps and actions to stay compliant and having a trusted and experienced background check partner helps.

Protect Your Company, & Its Reputation. 

Not all workplace crime is caused by a lack of employment verification, but verifying someone’s employment is a crucial step in any background check process. A criminal record, or lying on a job application increases the likelihood of a crime in the workplace or an accident. By verifying that someone is who they say they are, you lower the chances of employee theft, and help to ensure your company’s reputation isn’t at risk. 

The wrong hire could damage how others perceive your company, and any business owner knows the importance of your reputation.

Confirm Your Candidate’s Skills & Ability

There are several reasons to perform an employment background check that relate to mitigating risk, but then there’s the ONE simple answer. 

Is this person who they say they are?

That is to say, are they truly as qualified as their resume declares? Good workers are important no matter what industry you’re in, but many skilled positions require experience and time invested in a role to be the best candidate available. 

By verifying your candidate’s employment you can confirm they have the skills and experience necessary to fulfill their duty to your company.

These are only a few basic reasons why a company would consider employment verification in their hiring process. Be advised that background check laws change depending on what state you’re in, despite federal regulations. It’s important for any business to partner with a trusted and experienced background check provider to ensure they always have a source of information to lean on throughout the hiring process. By partnering with ESS, you can focus on your business, and let us handle the busy side of background screening. 

If you have any questions about your current hiring process or want to know what you could be doing better, just give us a call or reach out via our contact form to speak with someone today!