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Within a business or hospital, there should be systems in place to keep the business, employees, and clients all protected from personal or financial harm. This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes bad characters slip through the cracks. These seven checks that your company, clinic, hospital can enact to keep everything running smoothly. This list is in addition to OIG exclusions check, however many of these verifications are included in an Office of the Inspector General exclusions check. To learn more about OIG Exclusions, take a look at our dive into the world of OIG.

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Criminal History

A thorough search through each applicant’s or Health and Human Services employee’s criminal history is the first check that should be made, as certain criminal histories can conflict with the scope of work. Generally, criminal records searches go back seven years from when the request is filed, but depending on the state and compliance laws, some records may go back further than seven years. Be sure to check your state’s laws regarding criminal background checks, as there are many states that are implementing a change in legislation to get rid of questions about committed crimes on job applications and as part of the hiring process. To read more about the background checks and the changes going on now, take a look at our previous blog entry on the subject.

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Driving Records

There are many HHS workers that work in transportation. From ambulance drivers to medical delivery drivers, there is good reason to check the driving history of those in the care of the patients during transport. Though it is not necessary for all employees, a driving records check can show traffic violations, suspensions and revocations of licenses, what type of license has been granted and it’s use, and any restrictions therein.

SSN Trace

Confirming the identity through a Social Security Number trace of each candidate is a rudimentary, but necessary step to the safety and security of all. This is a critical part of a background check that confirms the date that the social security number was issued, addresses related to the SSN, and the state of issuance. Confirming something as basic as this is key, especially in the medical field, where licensing and billing is often done on a federal level.

Sanction Checks

Making sure that your company is in compliance with the Office of the Inspector General is very important—not just to avoid fines, but to maintain a level of safety and security. At ESS, we ensure that your exclusion lists and sanction lists are updated continuously, so monitoring these lists becomes much simpler. Constant attention is necessary in monitoring the exclusion lists, as the safety of patients depends on those who take care of them.

Employment Verification

Confirmation of an employee’s or applicant’s employment history is necessary to not just know where their experience lies, but also to vet out those with false references. This verification is usually a phone call or correspondence with an HR department of an applicants previous employers. The purpose is to verify the positions that an employee held and any other key details such as suspensions or disciplinary actions, responsibilities, and date of employment and time in the position.

License Verification

Seems simple enough—you need a medical license to practice medicine, but it is necessary to check that that license is still valid, and, like OIG exclusions, if the candidate or employee has any disciplinary actions on their record or license.

Education Verification

Credentials carry with them a weight, especially based upon one’s education. Checking the educational credentials of applicants and employees is never a bad idea. After all, their education is how each applicant got to where they are. False transcripts and diplomas are rare, but it is another step that can be taken to ensure the safety and security of all in the workplace.

Partner With ESS

Employment Screening Services has experienced professionals that can answer all or any of your questions in these matters. It is important to stay up to date on background and drug screening practices, and we would love to help your business retain good employees for the success of both your company and the employees. Recurring background checks can save time, money, and energy over time. ESS can partner with your company to take the hassle out of conducting drug screening and employment screenings to keep things running smoothly. Give us a call today or leave your information here and we will get back to you to answer any questions you have and inform you on how we can help your business.