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As a national provider of healthcare background screening, we work with companies all over the U.S. Here on the blog, we like to touch on things that the average employer may not be aware of. We have talked here on the blog about OIG healthcare screening, which applies to physicians, nurses, and other technical staff, but today we wanted to go over a few basic screenings that employees of pharmaceutical companies are often checked through various forms of background screening. 

In both a medical and pharmaceutical setting, risks are high. Beyond remaining in legal compliance, having a good background check partner enables your organization to function at a high level, protect patient safety, maintain quality of care, and protect your organization’s reputation. Hiring the wrong employee at a pharmaceutical company could jeopardize the public image of your company, but also land you in some hot water financially. 

Here are 5 types of background checks we usually see used by pharmaceutical companies. 

Criminal Record Search

A Criminal Record search lets an employer know that the individual they are considering hiring hasn’t been a part of any crime. These searches can be done at a state or federal national level. 

OIG Search

The Office of Inspector General uses the OIG exclusion list to track any and all individuals who have had their medical privileges revoked or altered. This allows a pharmaceutical company to know if the individual has had any negative marks against them in the medical field. 

Sex Offender Search

This may seem like a no-brainer, but ensuring an individual isn’t on any sex offender registry around the country allows you to know that the individual is who they say they are.

Drug Screening

A comprehensive drug screening package including pre-employment drug screening allows a pharmaceutical company to trust that the potential employee does not have a history of drug use or drug abuse, which could lead to theft or workplace accidents. 

Education & Employment History

By ensuring a potential hire has a legitimate resume, a company is able to know that the candidate is qualified for the role they are applying for. There are diploma mills around the country that allow even PhDs to be purchased. This check allows you to know everyone is legitimately trained and certified.

With as much responsibility and reliance on medicines, vaccines, and other products produced by pharmaceutical companies, it’s easy to understand in an era following a pandemic how important it is to maintain integrity and honesty.

This blog serves as a reminder of how vital a pre-employment screening verification search really is. Behind every multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company is a committed group of people who work tirelessly to ensure no one gets through the cracks.