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With unemployment rates leveling off, but still higher than they have been in decades, and the vaccines rolling out, the employment market is starting to open quickly. If you have a business and you have survived the past year and a half, you likely need new hires. It will be tempting to hire someone off a resume and interview alone and get the position filled to get back to work, but more scrutiny pays off in the end.

Education Background Checks Are Necessary

Education plays a large roll in choosing the right candidate. Most postings for jobs include an educational threshold of some sort, whether it be a GED or equivalent, college degree, or trade certifications or licenses. There are good reasons to include these certifications—they directly reflect the ability and aptitude of an employee or applicant to understand and complete a task. For example, you would not hire a elementary school bus driver if they did not have a commercial drivers license and experience. For the same reason, you would not hire an nurse without a nursing degree.

This Type of Fraud is Common

The problem of someone claiming to have a degree and lying is more common than you think. According to reporting from the NY Times and book “Degree Mills: The Billion Dollar Industry That Has Sold Over a Million Fake Diplomas” by former FBI agent Allen Ezell and John Bear, roughly 50,000 Ph.D. diplomas are purchased each year and put into the hands of people willing to lie to take away a job that others spent their whole lives training for.

Who is Representing Your Company?

Moral dilemma aside, from a business standpoint, hiring a clever fraud to represent your company is not something that will let you rest easily. After all, if you own the company and hire someone who provided false documentation and you did not verify the documents and certificates professionally, then the fault lands in your lap, as well as the person who sought to defraud you.

What is an Education Background Check?

Glad you asked. When someone receives a certification or a diploma, usually that information is uploaded into a database. Like when you receive your driver’s license, the DMV has a database of legal drivers in each state. Each certificate usually has its own database, and for education, the most common database is the National Student Clearinghouse, which over 3,600 schools keep their student’s graduation records current on. It should be stated that not all colleges, universities, and trade schools use the National Student Clearinghouse, in those cases, more digging is required.

At Employment Screening Services, we have access to dozens of databases that allow us to quickly verify the credentials that you depend on for your hiring process. If the credentials aren’t in the databases we have, then comes the analog searches—which means we contact the schools and accredited programs directly to verify the information your company was provided from an applicant. Sometime the process can take time, but time is worth it when you consider the importance of how your business is represented.

ESS Has Your Back

Things are warming up. Not just outside, but in the job market and economy together—this makes for the perfect opportunity for businesses to thrive and comes out of this year-long hibernation. There are many qualified applicants out there, and there may seem the need to be hasty when choosing to hire, but patience pays off. According to a CareerBuilder.com survey, “nearly 60% of hiring managers reported catching fabrications on job applicants’ resumes.” Instead of rolling the dice, trust a company that has over 30 years of experience in law enforcement and background verification services. We will verify the educational backgrounds of all your applicants to make the hiring process easier and stress-free. If you would like to know more about education verification and other background check services, including 10 panel drug testing, give us a call or leave your information here. We will contact you to answer any questions and help you get back in business.