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There are different regulations for different industries, but we always recommend some form of employment screening to avoid potential pitfalls. We are a national provider of employment screening and provide criminal record checks and background checks, and thought we would take a bit of time today to talk about the difference. We hope to help employers better understand the ins and outs of our industry, so they can make the best decision for their industry. 

What Is a Background Check?

Pre-employment background checks provide hiring companies with important facts and history about a job candidate. These key insights allow an employer to understand who it really is that they are reviewing, and know that they can be fully confident in their hiring decision. The wrong hire will cost your company, both in reputation and potentially financially.

Many types of background checks are available, usually dependent on regulation or industry trends. Education verification and employment verification are common, to help prove a potential hire is who they say they are and has the experience they say they have on their resume or in an interview. In more recent times even a social media screen has become part of the hiring process. 

Depending on the job itself, and the level of compliance or regulation needed to fulfill the hiring process, criminal background checks are usually one of the primary elements of a typical employment screening package. Some employers may run other types of checks in addition to a criminal record search, but this is usually a key factor in the final step of pre-employment background screening.

Pre-employment background checks allow employers to make the right decision in the hiring process. A legal, compliant, and streamlined screening program can get complicated, and that’s why companies like ESS are here to help. 

What is a Criminal Record Check?

A key component of any employer background check process is the criminal record check. Any criminal behavior could certainly impact an employee’s ability to perform their job duties, but it can also critically damage your business’s reputation.  Safety is another factor to consider in many industries, as criminal behavior or a history of drug-related criminal activity could lead to an accident or theft. 

How Long Does a Criminal Record Look Back?

There are several different levels of criminal record searches. County, state, federal, and nationwide can all be searchable for example. Typically the default scope for a criminal history search is seven years, but this can vary from state to state. Extended searches are available, and every company has different needs. We aim to help you understand what you need to stay in compliance with, and also what you have as options as a hiring employer. 

Each client is different, and the best first step is always just giving us a call or reaching out via our contact form. We can assess your industry, company, and what you are looking for and help provide a seamless background screening process that allows you to continue to focus on what matters most. Continuing to build your company’s bottom line and reputation.