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Criminal Records Search

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Criminal Records Search By County

We will hand-pull criminal records directly from the County Courthouse for examination, which is necessary to obtain the most precise and timely information available. We can uncover an applicant’s criminal record, including misdemeanor and felony convictions for the past seven years. (Searches conducted past seven years may be delayed.) Our criminal record searches can be used to verify the background of a specific individual, or as part of a comprehensive, pre-employment screening program.

National Criminal Database Search

We will carefully search the National Criminal Database Report for criminal convictions, arrests, sexual offenses, and Department of Corrections records from across the United States and provide information on any matches to your applicant that are found.

The National Criminal Report contains:

  • Source/type of record (e.g. state court/Department of Corrections, county court, etc.)
  • Offense description
  • Various dates (e.g. offense, conviction, prison admission and release)
  • Additional identifying information (e.g. height, weight, race, hair and eye color)
  • Case reference codes for further research
  • Over one million photos from Department of Corrections records and Sexual Offender Registries

This criminal search includes criminal records across the United States. All information is FCRA compliant. Since no search guarantees that it will find every criminal record, we recommend the National Criminal Database Search only as a supplement to an In-Person County Search. As stated above, database searches contain information that may have been purchased or provided by a third-party. The database excludes the majority of pertinent information found directly at the Courthouse. (This is not a stand-alone service.)

Canadian Criminal Convictions National Search

If you’re one of the many U.S. employers hiring an applicant from Canada, we can help you find out whether they have a Canadian criminal conviction. The information is provided directly by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and details convictions only.

Federal Criminal Records Search

Federal crimes tend to be very serious in nature and can include securities and tax law violations, terrorism, immigration, embezzlement, certain weapon crimes, interstate drug crimes, civil rights violations and computer crimes, to name a few. Through our Federal Criminal Records Search, we can uncover whether an applicant to your company has been convicted of any of these crimes, helping you identify and weed them out.

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