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Executive Director Bob Wright talks about why verifying and checking your new hires is vital to building the best work force for your company’s reputation in the industry.


Whether your a younger company looking to build and earn respect in your industry, or you’ve been successful over the course of many years in earning and keeping a solid reputation, your employees are the backbone. Pre employment background checks, criminal records search, drug testing, etc. all ensure a proper team.


If you don’t go through the steps of employee verification and checking prior to hiring a new employee, you could easily hire the wrong person. The wrong person could really tarnish your reputation.


Don’t let a bad hire hurt your company’s reputation. Look to Employment Screening Services for advanced background checks, Pre employment drug testing, criminal record search, and any other employment screening and verification services anywhere in the United States.

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Federal Drug Testing Forms Expire August 30, 2021

Federal Drug Testing Forms Expire August 30, 2021

We are seasoned in the background check process for any industry here in the United States. If you have any questions regarding the new federal drug testing requirements, or just want to talk to someone about employment screening, please don’t hesitate to reach out