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At ESS, our goal is to give you the information you need to help you make successful hires.  If you’re reading this you probably know a little bit about our company, Employment Screening Services, located in Buffalo, NY.  But are you aware that we have an employment background check branch open in Florida as well?  Since we expanded to the Tampa Bay area nearly 2 years ago we’ve noticed a few issues in the way a lot of background checks are being done.  We wanted to take a moment to share some of what we’ve learned from our time providing background checks in Florida.

Here’s What We’ve Noticed

A lot of companies we’ve talked to have only been doing surface surface level employment screening.  This may be acceptable for some but most industries are required to meet certain standards when screening new employees.  The healthcare industry for instance, mandates that employers can’t hire anyone on their medical exclusion lists. If you only conduct a surface background check you may miss crucial information like this.  When that happens, your company will be operating outside of compliance with federal law.

How Deep An Advanced Background Check Do You Need?

To avoid this scenario, make sure your Florida employment background check hits all your required areas.  As we’ve spoken with new clients, we’ve found that some don’t even know what types of background checks are needed in their field.  We’ve seen a lot of businesses only check things that are of interest to them. For example, a pre employment drug test will be helpful but won’t cover all your bases.  At ESS, we’ll not only make sure you’re in compliance but we’ll keep you in the loop so you’ll know what requirements you have to meet when screening any future hires.

Avoid Costly Penalties

The penalties for failing to meet the compliance standards in your industry can be severe.  Sticking with the healthcare example from earlier, the fines for employing someone on a medical exclusions list start at around ten thousand dollars!  No company ever wants to waste money, especially on that kind of scale. In the long run, advanced background checks will save you money by helping you avoid these types of failed compliance fees.

Whether you’re looking for a criminal records search, pre employment drug testing, or an employment background check in Florida, we’re ready to help.  We’ve been involved with background checks in Florida for almost two years now. We’ll know what you need and will show you what you’ve been missing by only conducting surface background checks/ drug screenings.  

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