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ESS not only knows the ins and outs of the HealthCare Industry but constantly keeps updated as laws, rules and regulations change.

When you think of screening healthcare workers your first thought may go to immunization, disease testing and health screening. While important, these are not the only issues that need major scrutiny. 

Don’t Overlook Important Factors

Often times HealthCare Organizations over look factors that can be as problematic, if not more so, such as Instate only license validation, States are not required to communicate with one another so an individual applying to your organization may have a suspended license in a bordering State. ESS insists on being thorough so we take the time and advise our client’s on the proper screening techniques.

Searching for malpractice only is a common mistake. Judging a physician’s competency based only on malpractice settlements is not as advantageous as one might believe. The OIG Office of the Inspector General recommends health care institutions look at both licensing history and malpractice before granting privileges. “Disciplinary actions taken by State Licensing Boards and health care providers are better indicators of professional incompetence than malpractice payments.”

Hospitals and health organizations are mandated to check against the OIG and General Service Administration (GSA) databases and sanction lists to be sure employees are not barred from participating in federal programs like Medicare or Medicaid. Employers may not be aware there are State level sanctions that are not included in the Federal Systems.

Avoid Oversight.

These State level sanctions will inevitably rise to the Federal level leaving the employer vulnerable to fines and often times more oversight from a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA). Just what the employer needs more oversight, just kidding, don’t employers already have enough regulations and mandates they have to contend with now. The aforementioned CIA’s can last up to five years and are meant to ensure the organization is compliant and able to participate in federal programs in the future. A proposal to raise fines from $5,500.00 to $11,000.00 is very likely to be enacted


Employment History in the healthcare industry can give the employer an in-depth look at an applicant’s true qualifications and suitability. Due to the expense of post graduate education and extensive training most healthcare workers do not leave the field. Gaps in employment can be a cause for concern. Often times there are licensing and integrity issues concealed in those gaps. Another indicator to look for is a State residency change with an unusual employment gap. This could be an applicant attempting to conceal a prior offense or licensing issue.


Sex Offenses are issues that trouble each and every employer, not to mention the public at large. These offenses can be overlooked by a background screening company that chooses to only search the current state of residence. ESS recommends using a Nationwide sex offender search. Offenders will often time move from state to state attempting to obscure their actual record.


Healthcare Organizations understand the importance of conducting criminal record searches. ESS has access to nationwide criminal records and more importantly understands where to find them. Many healthcare companies are talked into conducting a database search which is useful however not thorough. The network ESS has developed spans the United States, Canada and several overseas locations. When choosing a Background Screening company make certain they possess the knowledge and resources to perform a proper thorough background investigation.

Seasoned. Experienced. Passionate.

Employment Screening Services LLC is a Certified Minority Woman owned Business which is managed by a former Law Enforcement Officer. ESS has over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience and 16 years of nationwide background investigation experience. ESS’s knowledge of the Court System is extensive and they possess countless hours of Court Testimony in both civil and criminal cases.

ESS not only knows the ins and outs of the HealthCare Industry but constantly keeps updated as laws, rules and regulations change.

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