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According to the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE), over 66,000 health care providers are currently excluded from all Federal health care programs. Section 1128B(f) of the Social Security Act defines a “Federal health care program” as “any plan or program that provides health benefits, whether directly, through insurance, or otherwise, and that is funded directly, in whole or in part, by the U.S. Government or a state health care program.”

Health care providers receiving funding from these programs must determine if potential and current employees, contractors, or vendors are excluded before credentialing, hiring, or contracting them. The OIG is actively pursuing claims against providers that violate these exclusion laws, which can result in severe penalties, including civil monetary penalties of $10,000 for each item or service provided by the excluded entity or individual for which payment is submitted to government payers, and an assessment of up to three times the amount claimed for such items or services. (42 CFR §§ 1001.1901(b)(3) and 1003.102(a)(2)-(3)).

Employment Screening Services can access the LEIE to verify whether an individual or entity you’re about to hire or do business with is currently excluded. While the list contains those entities and individuals that have been terminated “for cause,” it does not contain the names of individuals/entities that have been terminated “without cause,” as those individuals are generally still entitled to order or prescribe care, services or supplies. It is updated on approximately the 10th of every month, so there may be a discrepancy in individuals named that are awaiting re-instatement.

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