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Pre-COVID or Post-COVID- Your Standards Should Be the Same

If your company is looking for new employees, as many are during this pandemic, your potential hires may be hired to work from home—this should not change your standards in hiring. It seems odd to have to say this, but there is an undercurrent within the employment market that due to the pandemic, the quality of employees on the market may be subject to a loss in production due to working from home or remotely—this should not effect your hiring.

Know Who You are Hiring

As a employer, you still have to continue hiring as you did in person before the COVID-19 shutdown. This means, background screening, drug testing, and whatever qualification verifications your company uses to choose their next team members.

Drug testing is not just for work safety

If you are thinking, ‘the whole purpose of drug screening is to make sure there is a safe work environment’, you are mistaken. Hiring an employee with a knowledge of their abstinence from illegal substances, plays a large role in the day-to-day functionality of your business. Drug screening is not simply for safety in the workplace, it also plays a huge role in employee productivity and trust.

Trusting your New Employees

Business is built around trust. Trust that tasks will be completed. Trust that tasks will be done in a professional manner that represents your company’s mission. Trust that when a client of ten years is being taken care of by an employee, that said employee can be trusted handling that client’s needs without jeopardizing the long-standing relationship you have fostered. Knowing who you have hired, even remotely, allows you, as an employer, to build trust not just with your employees, but with your clients.

Keeping Remote Employees Honest

The pandemic has been tough for many people and families across the world. Much of the workforce has been pushed into working remotely or from home. With the stress of the pandemic and the isolation of constantly being in one place, drug and alcohol consumption has increased steadily throughout the past nine months. It is important that, as an employer, you discern whether a dip in business is something that just happens because of the changing economy, or it is related to struggling productivity. If it is a matter of productivity of your remote employees, drug testing is an option. Staying the course with your business means keeping all involved accountable for the success of all.

Regulations to Keep in Mind

If you are hiring someone for a remote position, there are some things to keep in mind if that person is out of your state. If you are an employer considering testing, screening, and hiring an employee remotely that may be from out of state, reviewing the FCRA guidelines would bring you up to date to protect your company from any accidental wrongdoing.

We are Here for You

As the pandemic rolls on, the work must continue, and if you are hiring you need to know who it is that is and potentially will be working for you. The peace of mind that ESS screening offers employers allows trust to be established and built upon from day one. Whether you are evaluating current employees that have been working remotely, or screening possible new hires, knowing who you have on your team is important. We are ready and here to help you with years of experience and a proven track record. Give us a call today or fill out your information here and we will talk to you soon.