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Sometimes, you may have an employee who checks out at the beginning of the hiring process, and climbs the success ladder. You can know someone for years before realizing they aren’t who you thought they were. This was the case in North Carolina, where a 46 year old woman has been charged with federal crimes for embezzling over $3 million from a hospital that she was the Finance director for.

For a period of 13 years. Kimberly Russell Hobson, 46, used a scheme that utilized fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises along with false materials to shuffle money into separate accounts. Some went to her, some to her family and friends. She would eventually be caught and plead guilty to wire fraud, bank fraud, and identity theft.

On two major occasions, Hobson transferred huge sums of money into a Wells Fargo account, directly from a hospital subsidiary account. These occasions happened about 13 months apart, but consisted of transfers of $17,359 and $22,260. Following these two there were several more transfers about one per year up until August of 2017.
When convicted, Hobson will be due to forfeit the following:

  • $3.8 million dollars
  • 2 vehicles including a 2014 BMW and a 2013 Harley Davidson
  • Funds on deposit, totaling $109,704
  • Personal property and cash in Hobson’s possession at her arrest including a Louis Vuitton handbag and cosmetic bag; two Mont Blanc pens; Louis Vuitton sunglasses and case; Louis Vuitton wallet with various credit cards; and a pearl necklace.

Over a decade this woman worked in a high ranking position. Over a decade she stole mass amounts of money directly from the company. Hiring the wrong employee can be prevented through proper background screening during the hiring process. It can’t be stated if the accused was using drugs, or had any criminal record in the past, but ensuring all of your employees don’t is not that cumbersome. Working with a proven background check company like ESS enables you to help speed up the hiring process, and weed out the wrong candidates.

Full Story: North Carolina Woman Pleads not Guilty to Stealing $3M from Hospital

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