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The last few years have been difficult for any business owner. While the impact of the pandemic has shifted, the changes that took place amidst many businesses being forced to go remote have become commonplace, and what we know as ‘the workplace’ has certainly changed. One aspect that has surprised some is the vast number of jobs available, versus the number of people unemployed. 

Finding Quality Employees in 2023

The civilian unemployment rate has dropped to nearly historic lows, which means it’s more vital than ever to be competitive when looking for employees. Jobs are needed to be filled by employers, but there aren’t many employees available. 

It’s just simply hard to find quality employees right now, and on top of that, it’s difficult to retain quality employees also.

The latest data demonstrates 10,000,000 open jobs with only 6,000,000 job seekers, which means employers won’t be able to be picky when hiring, but that doesn’t mean cutting corners like drug testing throughout the hiring process. More than 3 million individuals took early retirement during the pandemic.

The most recent Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index found that workplace positivity rates were at their highest level since 2001. The reality is, data demonstrates that drug use is a real issue, and drug testing is paramount to ensuring you’re making the right hiring decision. Changes to marijuana laws around the country have certainly shifted things as well, and marijuana use by employees is on the rise. The drug testing index demonstrates that in 2021, workforce positivity for cannabis has increased by 50%.

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Drug Testing More Important Than Ever

Considering finding quality employees is challenging, along with the rise in workforce positivity rates, it’s clear that having a quality drug testing program is vital to any business. Pre-employment drug testing not only helps to ensure your employees are clean but helps to weed out potential candidates ahead of time. The majority of users will simply look elsewhere for a company that doesn’t drug test a new employee. Cheating or beating a drug test isn’t impossible, however, so consider post-employment drug testing as well. 

Drug testing aids in attracting the best possible workforce possible. Providing a safe working environment for your team means helping each employee feel they work for a safe, compliant, productive company with a quality reputation and culture. Helping your employees feel good about your workplace culture helps to ensure your company is as productive as possible. 

Other Drug Testing Options

Pre-employment drug testing is a good way of helping to ensure you’re hiring quality workers, but implementing a reasonable suspicion drug testing program can help after hiring. By having a reasonable suspicion drug testing policy in place, you can safeguard yourself against wrongful termination headaches, and ensure your employees remain clean and productive. It’s not a bad idea to include a reasonable suspicion drug testing policy in combination with pre-employment drug screening.

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