When you company is looking to perform an advanced background check on potential employees in the Buffalo NY region it is important to choose a quality firm.  Employment Screening Services LLC has over 30 combined years of experience and hundreds of clients.  At Employment Screening Services LLC we not only perform an advanced background check we physically scrub through Buffalo NY area court documents dating back decades.  Details like this are what set us apart in our field.  When you want to keep employee turnover low you want to be sure your candidates are truthful during their interview process.  Our philosophy is conduct a proper advanced background check from the very beginning.  The Buffalo NY area has many eager professional looking for long term employment possibilities.  Let Employment Screening Services LLC help find ideal qualified employees for your company.  If you are looking to get started please fill out this form so we can get in touch right away. If you prefer please call our office at (716) 332-2274.