Understanding Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

It can fly under the radar but drug testing is a crucial part of running a successful business.  Keeping drugs out of the workplace is imperative to maintain steady productivity. If left unchecked, drug abuse on the job sooner or later will cost you money and possibly even damage your company’s reputation.

Most businesses, large and small, are using some sort of pre-employment drug testing.  However, passing these tests won’t guarantee an individual will be “clean” after they are hired.  This is why reasonable suspicion drug testing needs to be something every employer keeps their eye on.

What Is Reasonable Suspicion?

This is the big question that we want to address in our blog today.  It can certainly be a tricky subject in the workplace because nobody wants to be singled out for suspected drug use.  It’s important for employers to have an understanding of what to look for but also how to handle this situation as a whole.

What To Look For

Reasonable suspicion for eliciting a drug test needs to be backed up evidence rather than a gut feeling.  As an employer you should be watching out for suspicious physical and behavioral signs that might indicate drug use.  Dilated/bloodshot eyes, lack of focus, poor performance, attendance issues, and erratic mood swings are a few indicators that point to drug use.  However, it’s important for employers not to jump the gun and make accusations based on these results alone. If these signs become frequent and start affecting the day-to-day of your company,  you are well within your right to ask for a drug test.

What To Do

If you or a supervisor notices any of this unusual behavior, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion.  Cross checking your observations with other supervisors or human resources staff can help avoid the possibility of your actions appearing discriminatory.  As far as taking action goes, you should follow all the protocols in your drug-free workplace policy that your employees agreed to when hired. You should inform the employee in private that you’ve decided to have them tested and then set it up with your drug screening company.

Where To Go

Once you’ve reached the point of conducting a reasonable suspicion drug test, ESS can step in and take it from there.  We offer all types of screening including hair follicle drug tests and urinalysis testing. Though we’re an employment screening service based out of Buffalo NY, we handle drug screen and background checks for companies all around the U.S.

Give us a call or fill out a contact form on our website so that we can help get your reasonable suspicion drug testing underway.  We look forward to working with you!

Negligent Hiring

Negligent hiringA legal claim made against an employer by a damaged employee/client who claims that the employer either knew about or should have known about a situation in the employee’s past that indicates they may be violent or untrustworthy.

Most businesses and organizations are familiar with negligent hiring. But are all taking the necessary steps to avoid bad hires?  No employer is invulnerable to litigation resulting from negligent hiring practices. And in a weak economy, with theft and violent incidents increasing, it’s essential for employers to establish effective risk prevention measures.

As a result of negligent hiring, a company can be sued if an employee injures or harms another employee/client, especially if the company could have foreseen a problem but did not do a thorough check of the new employee before hiring. It’s necessary for employers to perform due diligence by conducting background checks on every employee hired, regardless of the size of their workforce. If the background check fails to reveal such information, companies can hire the ­indi­vidual without being considered negligent.

Companies could dispute that the cost of conducting background checks is prohibitive. But the cost of not performing due diligence resulting in negligent hiring can be far greater. Violence, theft, and drug use are reasons alone to prescreen applicants. Even if an applicant is a referral, it doesn’t mean he or she is a quality employee. Further, the consequences of shortcutting these simple steps can be devastating — ranging from massive financial settlements, bad publicity, and, in the worst case, loss of life.

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Employment Screening Services Launches A New Website

The launch of our new website has been a work in progress for quite some time. We welcome you to discover the new Employment Screening Services, as we continue to provide the direction and critical infrastructure to help take pre-employment screening to new levels.

We are extremely excited to share our new site with you, which represents an entirely updated face for ESS’s online presence. We feel incredibly proud of what is unfolding here. This has been a collaborative effort by our dedicated staff who contributed enormously to this project. We also benefitted greatly from the valuable input of our clients.  All of these people illustrate the best of what ESS truly is: dedicated, enthusiastic, and forward-looking. We thank and congratulate them all on a job well done!

We set out to energize our appearance, hoping to bring you a website that you can easily navigate and frequently visit. And we think we’ve accomplished just that. It has meant re-building what was already a complex and in-depth website and setting the stage for a brand new, user-friendly site. It is our hope that this site is one you will want to visit and one you will want to take with you on your tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

“New but better,” this is what we set out to achieve. The new site continues to provide all of the information and helpful tools previously accessible but includes many other new features.  One of which we are very proud of is our blog now named ESS xChange.  ESS xChange will be a perfect place for the sharing of industry ideas and advice.  Human Resources professionals from all over the world will be able to help one another navigate through the pre-employment screening process.  Look for Attorney’s, Human Resource Professionals, Compliance Specialists, Substance Abuse Experts and many others to share their expertise and experiences.

We are not going to stop here.  In the near future look for many new and innovative additions to our new website.