Why Data Security is So Important in 2018 

Robert Wright, Executive Director of Employment Screening Services gives insight on how we take extra precaution in making sure every piece of information is protected, both for the client and the tested party.

  • Sensitive Info

    Throughout the background screening process, there is a fair share of confidential, sensitive information passed. In 2018, with data protection being so important, ESS spends a considerable amount of money making sure data is secure.

  • Diligently Trained

    Anyone dealing with any part of a screening process, right down to the people that help build our online customer presence are highly skilled in IT, and data protection. Anything from faxes to emails, paper or digital, needs to be secured.

  • No Stone Unturned

    When it comes to the drug testing and/or background check system that we employ, every piece of information is protected and secure. For more information on setting up and account to team with ESS for your employment screening services in Buffalo, Tampa, or anywhere around the country, just give us a call or fill out this contact form!

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