Employment drug testing is vital for maintaining a team who stands by your company’s mission and conduct policies. Countless studies show that substance abuse within the workplace causes concern for employers beyond the lifestyles or well being of their employees. A healthy drug free workplace is a healthier and safer workplace.

Illegal drug use and addiction cause a decrease in work productivity and production. Studies also show that there is  a noticeable increase in the risk of employee absenteeism, workplace theft, paid downtime, on the job accidents, and employee turnover.

Types of Employment Drug Testing:

 Pre Employment Drug Testing:

“If you want to work for us, you’re going to have to pass.”

Drug testing prior to employment prevents the wrong individuals from joining your company, by avoiding the potential for risks associated with hiring an illegal drug user at the beginning of the hiring process. This prevents hiring an individual who has used within time prior to being hired, but does not prevent use after hire.

Random / Periodic Drug Testing:

“You work for us, you are expected to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Drug testing randomly after hiring also prevents the risks associated with employee drug use, but establishes a trust between employer and employee, with an overlying respect to obey company policy. All new hires are made aware that they are to remain drug free, and are required to give permission to be subjected to either random testing at any point, or periodic testing every so often to maintain trust. This does not prevent an individual who has used from being hired, but does provide a balance of prevention.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing:

“We hired you, we trust you, but you will be tested if showing signs of drug use.”

A few signs of employee drug/alcohol use are:

  • Odor of alcohol on the body or breath
  • Slurred speech
  • Unsteady standing or walking
  • Inability or difficulty completing routine tasks
  • Disorientation or confusion
  • Erratic or unusual behavior

Any of the following are potential signs for employment drug testing by reasonable suspicion. Any new hire is required to give permission to be subjected to drug test, if any of these signs of illegal drug or alcohol use are suspected. This also maintains accountability and trust with employees to follow standards of your company, while still preventing the risk of employee drug use. This does not prevent a user from being hired, but does also provide prevention.

Why choose employment drug testing? Without it, you don’t truly know your employees. There are pros and cons of each type, and more than one are recommended for a safe and healthy workplace.

Benefits of Pre Employment Drug Testing


Hair Drug Testing

Urinalysis Test

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