Employment Screening Tampa FL | Our Move

We have clients all over the country. Having dug out our place in Buffalo NY, we have since expanded to provide pre employment screening services for companies across the US.

  • A New Market

    Growth means expansion. Knowing the work we do and the positive feedback we get from clients, we are confident in expanding our business down to the Tampa Market. We have established new grounding in Florida, and look forward to meeting new clients in a new state.

  • Economic Development

    Buffalo is booming with new business, and so is Florida. Expanding our business down to the Tampa/Sarasota area is so exciting, as the economic development is different all over the country. New challenges, and new relationships.


  • Meet Clients’ Needs

    With a new market comes new relationships and resources. Expanding our background screening and drug testing business down to the Florida market enables us to expand our reach, as well as help meet our client’s needs best.

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