Employment Verification & Education History

Executive Director Bob Wright talks about how vital it is to check your job candidate’s employment history and verify their educational records.

  • Employment Verification

    Employment verification is one of the most frequently lied about sections of a job application or resume. Often times people will be dishonest about things like position held, and time held position for. It’s so important to fact check everything in your prospective employee’s work history.

  • Education Verification

    Your potential new hire should also be verified through their educational history as well. Bob has seen so many times through education verification that people have no problem lying about where they attended college, or high school, or even as far as lying about going to college at all.

  • This is What We Do.

    With over 15 years experience in criminal record background checks, drug testing, and other employee screening services, ESS is your answer for employment verification and educational verification. We use E Verify to ensure quality employment verification.

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