First Steps in the Background Check Process

At Employment Screening Services we pride ourselves on verifying the honesty and integrity of your potential new workers. As a means of our best practices in the beginning of the background check process, we like to immediately run a social security trace to ensure they live, and have lived, where they said on their application. Here, Robert Wright talks about the benefits of choosing ESS for employment screening.

  • Best Practice

    Once you have written consent from your potential employee, the first best practice to start when doing a background check is to run a social security trace. This will immediately let you know where the person has lived in their lifetime.

  • Honesty is Important

    A social security trace will allow you to match the records they provided with the records provided in the trace, to ensure they are being honest about where they have lived. If you notice that they haven’t been completely honest, or may have omitted information from their application, you’re left to wonder why?

  • Peace of Mind.

    Someone being dishonest about where they are from or where they’ve lived is a major red flag for employers. It could mean they have a criminal record in an unmentioned county, or another law related issue they don’t want you to know about. Be sure to check all of your potential employees to avoid the wrong people working under your roof.

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