What Separates You From Your Florida Competitors?

ESS has expanded our operation to the greater Tampa area, and we’ve found some differences in the background screening industry, specifically in the world of healthcare exclusion lists.

  • Go Beyond the Surface

    Many industries have levels of background checks that go beyond the surface level. Particularly, the healthcare industry that has many layers of medical exclusion lists that are necessary for compliance..

  • What Lists are Mandatory?

    When we talk to new potential clients in Florida, we’re finding that many organizations are turning to companies that are providing very simple background checks, and not even educating the client on what lists are mandatory in terms of healthcare exclusion lists.

  • Potential Liability

    Any healthcare facility, that serves the public requires background checks to ensure that any individual working for the facility cannot be on a medical exclusion list. If an employee is found to be on one of these lists, it can cost the employer fines of tens of thousands of dollars.

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