How a Background in Law Enforcement Helps

Robert Wright, Executive Director of Employment Screening Services talks a little about how years of law enforcement experience helps ESS provide our clients’ with personal attention and easily-understandable reporting.

  • Understand Who You’re Working With

    When you have a background in law enforcement, you have an inside scoop at the criminal courts system. Bob aims for all staff members to be fully trained with law enforcement background in mind, to ensure due diligence in the background check process.

  • Personal Attention

    With years of experience across the many planes of the criminal justice system, we can take the complicated processes and terminology, and help translate it for the client. It’s as easy as picking up the phone and asking us any questions you have.

  • Assistance Beyond Competition

    Our Team is competitive and passionate. Ensuring employers hire the right team members by helping during the vetting process is something we care about. With a background in law enforcement, we understand the concept of truth and justice. Which is always important in the workplace for maximum output and productivity.

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