What are the Benefits of Pre Employment Drug Testing

A company’s strength relies on the individuals who keep it running. Great employees are the lifeblood of any successful business or company. From the top CEO or founder, down to the lowest paid employee on file, each particular individual is instrumental in the overall functionality of the company. This is why knowing your employees can be trusted to live responsibility is so important. Pre employment Drug Testing helps provide this trust from the beginning.

Better Job Candidates

Requiring pre employment drug testing for all potential new hires eliminates the amount of applications, interviews, and evaluation of those who regularly use drugs, because quite simply, these individuals won’t bother applying. If someone who uses drugs knows they won’t pass a drug test, they probably won’t apply. Sure, some will apply regardless, but it significantly limits the time and energy wasted on prospective employees that can’t pass a drug test.

Ensures Employee Safety

Employees that abuse drugs and alcohol are more likely to be involved in a work accident, workplace theft, and more likely to file a workers comp claim. The effects of substance abuse can cause harm to not only the drug user, but all other employees that are drug free. This is why pre employment drug testing is so important. Avoid the safety risks associated with substance abuse and alcohol within the workplace from the start.

Builds Morale / Integrity

Pre employment drug testing eliminates the bad eggs. When you screen your new hires prior to employment, you take the first step in establishing a strong level of integrity amongst employees. The process of pre employment drug testing eliminates the chances of hiring an individual who could become a cancer amongst even the most effective and productive staff. Negativity is contagious. A team of employees who stand together and practice healthy lifestyle with a dedication to company standards feels safer, more productive, and more comfortable.

Better Employees

Preventing substance abuse in the workplace from the start by eliminating the possibility of anyone being hired who has used drugs provides your business with a better workforce. A staff of employees who do not use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol means more production, better performance, better attendance, and better attitude.

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