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The benefits of drug testing prospective employees may be mandatory for some industries, but not all companies include drug testing in their pre-employment verification. This blog serves as a news source for the latest info and updates on the background check industry. We hope to help business owners and hiring professionals better understand today’s landscape, and help them make better hiring decisions. 

Today’s story focuses on news coming out of Michigan, where legislators are seeing a problem with the sale of fake urine used to “beat” a drug test. 

Fake Urine?

You may or may not know this, but one of the most popular ways for drug users to conceal their use is by purchasing artificial urine. The product comes at a fairly affordable price, at around $20 or so a bottle. The solution is indistinguishable from actual urine, with the only difference noticeable being temperature. The bottle is fashioned with a “streaming” nozzle to mimic the sound of urine, and it even comes with a little hand warmer to keep the sample warm. The user can conceal the bottle in their underwear or pockets.

This isn’t the only way that users are masking their use. In addition to popular fake urine products like Quick Fix or X Stream, there are detox drinks that a user can consume prior to the test which allegedly prevents drugs from showing up on a drug test. There are also shampoo products that claim to prevent hair drug testing success. 

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“Beating” Drug Testing

Because many states have decriminalized marijuana at the state level, it has certainly made things confusing for hiring professionals. Marijuana has certainly been altered in the public eye, but what about other drugs? Even if a hiring professional in a state where marijuana is legal doesn’t mind if a potential hire uses cannabis, they need to be aware that any use of a substance could lead to workplace accidents or worse. Not testing potential hires could let a bad egg get in and end up needing to be replaced, or damaging your company’s reputation. 

Well, what if they use fake urine? 

New Potential Legislation to Come

Michigan lawmakers have already made moves to try and get synthetic urine out of the drug testing equation. Senate bills 134 and 135 would make it a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for someone to “distribute, deliver, sell, or possess with intent to distribute, deliver, or sell a drug masking product,” If the products are being sold commercially for profit? This would up the penalty to a felony carrying up to five years in prison. 

As of the time of these reports from the Michigan state legislature, 18 other states already ban or criminalize masking products. Experts believe that online sales of products like synthetic urine will be challenging to prevent, but awareness is the first step. Knowing how users “beat” a drug test is a lesser-known aspect of importance for business owners hiring new professionals. Luckily if you have a great employment screening company as a partner, you can know all your questions can be answered.

What’s Your Drug Testing Policy?

Now is a great time for your company to review your existing drug testing policies. Times are certainly changing with respect to the perception of marijuana use, but the importance of drug testing has not changed. Many industries still outlaw marijuana usage, and regardless of industry, you should always be safe rather than sorry when hiring a new employee. If you have any questions regarding your current drug testing policies, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We work with companies all over the country to help make better hiring decisions!