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moving forward, an article, rehiring and relationships in a post covid world

Know that our team is bound and determined to ensure that the ESS culture remains intact and we can move forward together. The last few months haven’t been easy for anyone. One thing we can do is continue doing the right thing for each other. Here are a few things to keep in mind as summer begins to turn into fall, as we look forward to what’s next for our country in the world of hiring and staffing.

New Employees, Same Old Problems

If and when unemployment numbers begin to drop, and workforces are returning to work, if you are working within a hiring profession or seeking new talent for the next frontier, you will want to ensure you perform a thorough background screening. Many people have been off the job for months on end, and there’s really no telling what they could be into over that time. Your heart could be in a good place, but it could cost you financially to not do your due diligence in the screening process. 

Different States, Different Rules

Each state, each county for that matter has their own records, systems, and personnel. You need to truly partner with a company with law enforcement experience in order truly retain all that it is that you need to check within the systems of the various levels of the courts. Each court has a busy schedule, so getting in touch with these people is vital to the process, but not easy. Partner with a company you know will go the extra mile for you. Our relationships around the country help us get comprehensive checks, within a reasonable response time.

Same Great ESS, Same Great Care

No matter what, trust that the employees at Employment Screening Services are here to help your business build trust within your own company. When you partner with ESS for employment background checks, you are simply adding yourself to a network of longstanding relationships around the country. You can trust that our personnel has the experience and training to tackle any scope of work around employment screening.

Furloughed? For How Long?

Understanding that some companies may have needed to furlough employees during a worldwide pandemic, certain industries require specific guidelines and laws that must be met. Knowing all the laws for your area can be tricky. Make sure you follow all guidelines specific to your industry, we can help ensure that happens.

We have partnered with large organizations from Western New York down to Sarasota, Florida, and we will continue to provide irreplaceable service for our clients

For more information on what you can do to help ensure you make great hiring decisions, just give us a call or reach out via our contact form and we can get in touch with you!