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Employment Screening Services LLC,  is committed to helping companies of any size hire the best workforce possible. It is the people within a company who carry the company’s reputation and ethics.  When making hiring decisions we have always prioritized a thorough background screening process to ensure that who you hire is who they say they are. We have talked here on the blog about examples of when people don’t turn out to be the person they claimed to be. Today we want to talk about post-hire background screening, and also touch on a few reasons why many companies are taking a big look at how they screen in 2021 going into 2022.

Why Run Post-Hire Background Checks?

The reality is today we have a worker shortage. We have touched on this in past blog posts. The reality of a worker shortage means employers are desperate. With desperation oftentimes comes corners that may be cut, and things to go unnoticed. Background checks and drug testing policies are in continuous changes right now, with factors like the pandemic things can become out of your control as a business owner. One thing you can always control is your background check and drug testing policy. 

According to this study, out of all employers surveyed in 2018, only 6% of employers said they were conducting background checks annually or more frequently. In 2020, that number doubled to 12%. Fraud, theft, and reputational damage are 3 big reasons why this increase happened. The last few years have been quite a test for anyone living through the pandemic, and ensuring employees are maintaining proper behavior outside of work is just as important as on the job. 

Screening Policy Benefits Employees, Customers, and Leadership

As we’ve always said, the wrong hire can truly damage your company’s reputation. In the event that a bad hire does something to jeopardize what you’ve worked so hard to achieve as a business owner, oftentimes a simple policy would have prevented the outcome. Regardless of what industry you work in, whether it is healthcare, childcare, a restaurant, a marketing company, a proper background check policy can help mitigate risk, maintain a safe place to work, and protect your company from liability claims. 

Employers Are Taking a Deep Look at Their Background Check Policy in 2022

Things are always changing, but the pandemic along with changes to many states’ laws regarding marijuana have caused quite a stir in the background check industry. Many employers have questions regarding what they’ve done in the past, along with what they need to do to be in compliance in the future. We have been in this industry for a long time, and aren’t going anywhere. We can assist you with any questions you have, and we understand how various-sized companies need different types of services. We can accommodate your needs and ensure that you are fully confident with your decision-making process. Let’s set up a time to talk if you have any questions regarding your current background screening process! Feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form to be in touch with one of our team members!