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Here on the ESS blog, we try to tell stories that provide insight into the world of drug testing and background screening, in an effort to demonstrate the impact and importance of trust and investment that only the truth can provide. Part of fulfilling a background screening and/or pre-employment drug test is an agreement between employee and employer that the employee is exactly who they say they are, and they won’t be a risk to your company if you choose to invest in them.

Today on the blog we wanted to speak on a recent MLB failed drug test, that demonstrates how important trust and investment are when making hiring and personnel decisions. Here’s the story of Fernando Tatis and a reminder of how Drug Testing tells the truth

The Player

Fernando Tatis plays for the San Diego Padres of the MLB. He is one of the brightest young stars. Having started with the team in 2016 at the ripe age of 17, his impact early in his career helped earn him a whopping 14-year, $340 million contract in 2021. At the time of signing, it was the third biggest contract in the history of baseball. With a player like Tatis, the Padres could start building around their premiere centerpiece and investing pieces to their team that help to win them a world series. 

The Problem

Things were going quite well for the young phenom and his team. Things seemed to be only going up as the team was able to acquire another star player in Juan Soto by trade. Who knows if another star joins the organization if not for Tatis’s presence? As of this year, the Padres had moved up from not making the playoffs to within the top 10 or even top 5 teams in the league. One problem…

Fernando Tatis failed a drug test. This failed drug test will cost him 80 games, and significantly impact the 2022 season without him being able to play. Tatis will also have to forfeit about $2.9 million, including $1,510,989 of his $5 million salary this year. Collectors of memorabilia that planned to make money on the appreciating value of a young star’s cards and collections.. Will see that value drop immensely. A 2016 Bowman Chrome superfractor Tatis trading card held value that decreased by $2.5 million alone. The club takes a major hit without having its star out there, with fewer box office tickets sold and fewer wins, less hope. They will eventually get the kid back in the lineup, and be able to begin making money and winning games for the team and fanbase again, but it remains to be seen how this incident will impact his career in the long run. 

The Drug

On August 12th Tatis tested positive for an anabolic androgenous steroid known as clostebol. The drug helps athletes build muscle and train harder, and also recover faster. It’s been banned in NCAA since 1980 and by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since 1999. At least 6 players in the MLB have tested positive for clostebol since 2012. Widely available in both topical sprays and creams in a number of countries, including the Dominican Republic, where Tatis is from and still spends time. 

Tatis claims he was using the cream to treat a case of ringworm, but not everyone believes that story. Despite the option, Tatis did not seek to appeal the decision, which adds further speculation on his use of the illegal substance throughout his short but bright career. Other outstanding batters have faced lifelong criticism once testing positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and some never reach the level they were while using. We will have to wait and see what this failed drug test means for Tatis’s future as a high-level athlete and performer, but his reputation will forever have an asterisk. Despite the fact that his salary will be forfeited, the San Diego Padres will certainly lose out on revenue on the games Tatis misses, along with lowering the chances of a World Series title without their prized investment on the field.

The Golden Goose Lays the Golden Eggs.

Why It’s Important to Business Owners

You may not be seeking to invest $340 million in a new employee. You may not need to sell out a baseball stadium 70+ times a year to maximize revenue. You may not own a Tatis rookie card. Shoot you may not even like baseball! 

But.. even if you don’t know who Fernando Tatis is you can see that in any business, hiring the right people isn’t easy, and even the right people can make mistakes. When these mistakes occur in baseball, it has major financial implications for the player, the organization, the fans, everyone. When your employee makes a mistake, it could jeopardize their safety and others’ safety, people’s livelihoods, your business, and reputation. 

Regardless of your industry, having a team of superstars to reach your ultimate “World Series” goals is the path, and the first step on that path is ensuring you’re making the right decision is by checking to ensure the hire is who they say they are, and won’t put you at risk.

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No matter what you do for work, you have an obligation to your fellow teammates to operate in the best mental and physical state possible. Drugs prevent that. In order to grow your business, you will need trust and integrity behind every investment you make, and some of the best investments you CAN make are PEOPLE. If you want more information on what you could be doing better with your hiring process, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We work with organizations of every size to provide small and big solutions for employment screening and drug testing. We look forward to hearing from you!