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Nearly 67% of the job applications and resumes of unscreened employees contain misrepresentations. Our verification specialists can ensure you get the accurate information you need to hire employees with the right background – and a strong sense of integrity.

Education Verification

Exaggerating educational credentials is one of the most common ways applicants stretch the truth on their resumes. For that reason, verifying education is an essential step in the hiring process.

Employment Screening Services can confirm your applicant’s educational history by contacting the institutions of attendance directly or through online verification systems. Information we can then provide you with includes: attendance, date of graduation, major studies, GPA and degree earned.

The accuracy of the verification can be affected if the applicant went to school under a different name than stated on the application or if the applicant has recently graduated and the institution has not yet updated their records.

This verification can be delayed if institutions do not promptly return calls or if verifications are only done by mail.

Employment Verification

Is an applicant being honest about past job titles and employment dates?

You won’t know if you don’t verify.

At Employment Screening Services, we can contact an applicant’s employers/supervisors directly or through automated verification systems and confirm their past and/or present work experience, which includes information such as dates of employment, position, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, disciplinary action taken, dependability, and general work duties.

This verification can be delayed if employers do not promptly return calls or if verifications are only done by mail.

In some cases only limited information can be verified based on employer’s policies.

Reference Verification

Reference checks are a critical part of the hiring process. They can help you confirm an applicant’s background, as well as personal qualities such as honesty, work ethic, and dependability. But they’re also time-consuming and can be ineffective if you don’t ask the right questions.

Our trained professionals can handle the process for you, taking the time to carefully interview each reference submitted by an applicant.

Professional License Verification

If specialized licenses are required by your organization, Employment Screening Services can verify that an applicant has the license they claim and ensure it’s in good standing. We can verify a wide variety of licenses, including those for insurance agents, lawyers and healthcare providers.


(Conducted Post-Employment)

While a diverse workforce contributes greatly to the vibrancy and strength of our economy, that same strength can also attract unauthorized employment. As a result, many states have passed or are in the process of passing laws mandating the use of E-Verify.

Remaining in compliance with this new legislation can be costly and overwhelming for many employers. Employment Screening Services can help. Our I-9 solution consists of employment eligibility verification directly integrated with the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system. You can streamline the cumbersome I-9 employee authorization process, giving you fewer hassles and greater peace of mind over the employment status of newly hired employees.

Social Security Number Verification

Don’t let your organization fall victim to a fraudulent applicant with something to hide. Our verification service will expose names and addresses associated with a Social Security number and indicate any illegal use.

Why is Social Security Number Verification important for employers?

A fraudulent social security number can indicate identity theft, insufficient citizenship or concealment of a crime. In fact, many times, criminal records are discovered in locations or as an alias that an applicant has failed to inform you about.

To determine whether the information provided to you on an employment application or on a consent form is correct, Employment Screening Services can conduct social security number verification, last known addresses and whether other names have been used. This is an essential part of the screening process and can help you avoid the costly risk of a hiring mistake. It can also help improve the accuracy of your payroll and tax reporting. (This is not a stand-alone service.)

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