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The world continues to change as the pandemic has forced us into a world of remote work, zoom calls, and other adaptations of the traditional work model. We have been able to see how the world of remote work has impacted companies’ hiring decisions, and the way companies choose their hiring process. As a provider of pre-employment screening and verification services, we work hand and hand with companies from all over the country to ensure that their HR hiring workflow is optimized, and provide the best employment screening available for their needs. 

Today on the blog we wanted to talk about hiring remote employees and 3 big things to think about in a new world of remote workers. 

New Normal – Optimizing Your Hiring Process.

Remote hiring has become more popular, as remote work has become more and more normal. Hiring employees remotely may be new to you and your organization. Depending on your industry, there are things that these employees will be responsible for that could impact the success of your organization. Being forced into new hiring practices has become less of a temporary solution and in some cases, a practical solution. In order to ensure you are getting the right applicants, having a well-positioned job offering and seamless onboarding can help. Did your original hiring process include remote HR hiring workflows? If not, it’s a good time to take a hard look at that process. Having a partner who can provide seamless efficient employment screening is a HUGE part of this.

Background Check & Verification.

When hiring remotely, there are some obvious factors that make your “old way” of hiring obsolete. For example, making a copy of someone’s identification like a driver’s license in person is a lot different than receiving a digital copy of someone’s ID. You can get a feel for someone’s energy when interviewing them in your office, under your terms, in person. When interviewing remotely/virtually, you could be interviewing a human being who isn’t going to be the human being working for your company. Simple background checks could miss crucial details if minor details are missing. Verifying a person’s identity goes deeper than one quick background check. In tandem with a traditional background check that helps to ensure the person has no negative criminal actions on their record, verifying an identity helps to ensure all background check results are accurate and fully complete. 

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Stay in Compliance.

The employment screening and identity verification industry is always evolving. There are federal and state laws that do affect what you can or can’t ask someone during a pre-screening phase. There are diversity, equity, inclusion “fair chance” laws that could come into effect as well. Some states have different laws than other states with respect to employment screening. While we recommend that the screening process be done to the most thorough level possible, we also recommend you partner with a provider who knows the laws and compliance measures across federal and state borders. 

Hiring remotely is intimidating, but if you have the right partner for providing employment screening you can trust that you are making smart decisions. Allowing yourself to focus more on WHO you want to hire, rather than if the people you WANT are who they say they are, helps allow you to focus on building your company. We can take care of any of your employment screening needs you have, if you want to speak with someone regarding your current process for hiring a remote employee, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach out via our contact form! Stay tuned to the blog for monthly updates and news around the employment industry!