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Establishing a relationship with a new background check company isn’t something that somebody necessarily WANTS to do. We partner with companies all over the country to help create customized background screening packages to ensure they always make a great hire. You may be working with another background check company here in Western New York, or around the country. Do you know how they stack up?

Here are a few questions you can ask to find out how an existing background check company is operating.

How Many New Hires Are You Expecting in the Next Year?

Whether your organization is handling 10 new hires over a year, or over 1,000, your background check company should have a personalized pricing plan to fit your needs. We take our role seriously regardless of the number of new hires, but our competitive pricing is unmatched. We will work to ensure you get the care you deserve, at a cost that makes sense.

How Do You Initiate a Background Check?

Are candidates handed a paper form? Do they get a screening via email? Can they get a screening via text message? Some companies will promise the world through automation and technology, but a good mix of User experience and industry wisdom is always best. We won’t be completely faceless, but we won’t need much help once we are your partner for background screening. Leave the work to us!

How is the Customer Feedback for Your Background Check Company?

You can get a good feel for how well a company operates based on reviews online, but we prefer to go right to the source. We are always looking for feedback from our clients on how we can improve the background screening process. We have evolved and adapted through the years to help meet the needs of today’s technology, while keeping our word to the integrity and passion behind our work.

What Services Do They Offer?

Not every background check company is the same. Some will focus on a particular area like OIG healthcare exclusion searches, some may focus on only drug testing. When you work with ESS, you can rest assured that we can handle every step of the background screening process.

Criminal background checks over state and federal levels, Employment and Education Verification and Drug testing are typically the big three when it comes to background checks, but we do it all! Ask about OIG healthcare exclusion search or social media screening for more info!

Taking a few minutes to audit your existing background check company is important right now. The year that 2020 has been so far has been anything but predictable, but we know that companies are going to need to start rehiring. It isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Be ready to hire with a great background check company, and you’ll have no regrets!