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Experts are at a loss when finding the reason behind why the American workforce is so in flux. According to Business Insider, 3.6million Americans quit their jobs in May of 2021. Seems sort of counterintuitive when there are so many jobs available. There are many reasons why the job market is so in flux, but it is also having an effect on how companies drug test for employment. 


One factor for a change in drug testing policies is recreational legalization at the state level. We have seen how this has impacted the panels that companies choose to test, and some are deciding to leave Marijuana off the test. 

Now Hiring

Companies all over the country are hiring, but ask anyone on the street and you’ll hear “Nobody wants to work.” Obviously unemployment was certainly a factor in the decision for many citizens to not work, especially when extra money was being provided, but once the unemployment changes went into effect recently, there are going to be a lot of people looking for work. 

Childcare centers for example, are finding that staff is dwindling as other places like WalMart offer higher hourly rates. Many nursing homes and elder care facilities continue to struggle to find good, consistent workers. In the medical field, controversial topics surrounding vaccination have led to mass exodus. Servers, store workers, truckers, and other industries have quit their jobs so often that many are calling this period “The Great Resignation.”

Companies Deciding Not to Drug Test

A recent survey done by ManPowerGroup, indicated that 9% of more than 45,000 employers worldwide were eliminating job screenings or drug tests as incentive to “attract and retain in-demand talent.”

That equates to roughly 4,050 employers from 43 different countries who are willing to ignore recreational drug use if it means “getting people to work.”

9% of more than 45,000 Employers Worldwide were eliminating job screenings or drug tests as an incentive to “attract & retain in-demand talent.”

69% of employers reported “Difficulty filling roles.” Because of the national and global worker shortage, many companies are adapting their hiring vetting process in order to fill the need. Some mammoths like Amazon have made it known that they won’t test for marijuana anymore, and are even willing to lobby Congress on its federal legalization. 

Don’t Be a Bad Example

It’s truly unfortunate to see companies deciding to sacrifice a very important step in the hiring process, during such a controversial time. With the last few years of civil unrest, many citizens on all sides of the political spectrum have potentially made a few choices they may not have made before. There are risks associated with not running a background check and drug screening, but in today’s climate it should be more important than ever! 

You simply cannot just trust a person’s word.

Trust is something that should be earned, not simply inherited due to high demand and low supply. If a company were to hire someone without knowing their criminal background or drug use, there’s no telling what could happen. Crime, embezzlement, high turnover, low attendance, are all common results for hiring a bad employee. Take a look at some of the blogs below from before the pandemic to refresh yourself on why you should ALWAYS background check your new hires. 

If you or someone you know owns a business and needs help with background screening, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help you earn strong trust with your new hires, by ensuring their first step in your organization was honest.